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The gap between your ability now and the player you want to be is a structured practice routine and expert guidance.

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After 10 years of teaching guitarists of all abilities and helping over 100,000 players improve I have developed my own brand of tuition.

If you’re ready to work hard and learn then I’m ready to teach. 

What Students Are Saying About Me

Student Testimonials

"I first found jack on instagram. I saw that he was into the same type of music as me so I asked if he did lessons. He has massively improved my skills over the past few months; specifically sweep and alternate picking. I used to not be able to sweep pick at all but jack made it possible for me. Totally recommend lessons from him."

LINCOLN HARTMAN Student | 2022

I've played classical guitar since middle school, but purchased an electric guitar a few years ago. Jack has helped me bridge the gap between the playing styles and has taught me more in a few weeks than i was able to learn the past year on my own. He's saved me countless hours and i'm finally playing with the confidence i've wanted to for years

ZACH HARDING Student | 2023

A friend recommended jack to me as i have wanted to learn the guitar my whole life. I have been having lessons with him for around 8 months now and already i have quite a few of my favourite songs under my belt. Each lesson i have with jack keeps me inspired, motivated and keen to learn more. My only issue is i wish i'd found jack way sooner so That i could be a pro by now!

TASH CHANT Student | 2023

"I found jack through a friend. On the first lesson we went over things I wanted to learn, like pinky control and sweep picking etc. Within months I was capable of doing things like this thanks to the exercises he gave me for being a student of his. We're now moving onto more advanced theory and I've learnt more in a month with jack than I have in 2 years of doing my music gcse!"

WILL BROWN Student | 2021

"I've been taking lessons little over 5 months, and in this time I've incorporated music theory to my playing as well as correcting and improving my technique. Jack makes the lessons really fun and comes up with ideas and exercises that fit my goals. The best guitar classes I have ever had in 16+ years of playing guitar."

JUAN PABLO Student | 2022

"In just a few lessons Jack helped me to regain my passion for the guitar. He improved my playstyle with new techniques and also gave me ways to understand music theory."

SHOTO MAITIANOS Student | 2022

"Jack Wood helped within a few lessons to improve my alternate picking - especially when it comes to accuracy and speed. I'm looking forward to the next lessons!."

PASCAL LORE Student | 2023

"I've played guitar since I was a teenager but kind of stagnated over the past few years, being stuck playing the same riffs over and over again. Jack has not just given me input to increase my range of techniques but also helped me structure practicing so that I could make progress within weeks that I didn't manage the years before. And on top of that: he's just a really cool guy I could hang out with apart from sharing the same passion."

JANNIS BARTH Student | 2023

"Jack is a great teacher with seemingly endless dedication to helping his students whenever and wherever he can, during lessons of course, but also especially in-between. He's great at listening to his students and understanding their needs and problems and working out a plan to resolve them. Highly recommend!."

NATASCHA BOMM Student | 2023

"I'm really happy with my progress on guitar since working with Jack. I have had other teachers but no-one explains concepts like him. Jack brings a great energy and vibe that makes me excited for each lesson. II'm so happy with Jack - he's an awesome teacher. In a couple of classes I was already understanding more theory and getting better at my technique than ever before. I can't recommend him enough. Take lessons now!"

GEORGE ORTEGA Student | 2023

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Whatever your level of playing, I'll get you where you need to be

I have vast experience of teaching guitarists from complete beginner up to advanced – all age ranges and all styles of music. 

By choosing to work with me you’ll gain a mentor who is as excited and dedicated to your progress as you are. We’ll learn the styles of music and songs you love the most, and I’ll teach you all the theory and technique you could possibly need to become the guitarist you truly want to be.


It’s no secret that improving guitar theory and playing is difficult, but with the right guidance you’ll be surprised at how quickly YOU can learn. Start your journey today. 


What You Will Learn?

Ready to become the player you desire?

Your favourite guitar players were where you are once. TheY aren’t more motivated than you, they just had expert guidance and found out HOW to improve.

Get out of that rut today: book a free discovery call. We’ll chat about your goals, favourite musicians and put together an action plan to fast track your guitar education!

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, I have vast experience teaching complete beginners of all ages. If you've never picked up a guitar then starting with guided lessons is a brilliant idea.

Of course there are some brilliant resources for learning guitar out there and it's great to consult YouTube from time to time, but with so much content available it is all too easy to go round in circles and not know what to focus on. With a dedicated teacher you get a personalised practice routine and feedback on your playing so you can rectify mistakes and remove bad habits quickly!

Yes! You'll be invited to my exclusive community group, which  provides a platform for students to connect, share their progress, ask questions, and engage in discussions. You'll have the opportunity to connect with fellow guitar enthusiasts, gain inspiration, and receive support from a like-minded community. Participation is easy, as you'll gain access to the community once you become a student!

From 15 years of experience I have developed a great understanding of many genres, and the specific skills required to master each one.

Whether it's classic rock, modern metal,  blues, jazz, popular music through the ages or anything in-between - I'll help you master the styles you love the most!

Both! I teach most of my lessons through Zoom or social media calls, but I'm also available for in-person lessons for local students that are based in Southampton, England!

If you opt for online lessons then rest assured I have a high quality camera and audio rig that is well equipped to teach lessons with no latency!

There is no set age to start learning guitar! I have had starters below 10 and others who didn't begin their guitar journey until in their 60s and 70s. Due to my breadth of knowledge of different music styles and experience in teaching a variety of ages I know how to get the best out of each student and create lesson plans that are fun, engaging and personalised!

Ready to take your guitar skills to the next level?

About Jack Wood

With over 15 years of invaluable experience in teaching, recording, and performing in the music industry.

I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the guitar lessons. Having successfully instructed and inspired well over 500 students, my passion for guitar has taken me on exhilarating tours across the UK and Europe.

Moreover, my guitar skills have been featured on numerous albums, amassing an impressive total of over 10 million+ streams. Rest assured, you’ll be learning from a seasoned professional who has honed their craft and achieved remarkable success in the industry

The only thing stopping you from learning that dream guitar solo and your favourite songs is guided mentorship. Take action now

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